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\/_____/ \/_____/ \/_____/ \/_/\/_/ \/_____/ \/_/\/_/     \/_/\/_/ \/_____/   \/_/  \/_____/ 
This is my Compaq LTE 5250. It has an Intel Pentium processor running at 120MHz with 48MB of RAM. It's running Windows 95 OSR2 and MS-DOS 5.0 on it's stock 2GB hard drive. The sound system is an ESS ES1688 AudioDrive and the graphics are SVGA. I have the CD drive bay and spare battery too. I also use a PCMCIA network card for internet access.

I was gifted this laptop by my father when I was a kid. He used it for work and then when they upgraded their computer systems they didn't want it back, so he gave it to me. While he was using it for work I would always bug him and ask if he was done working so we could play games.

And thats basically what I use it for today, games. It's a neat little machine and holds a special place in my heart because the memories I have with it.

My favorite games to play on this machine are Bio Menace, Duke Nukem 1 and 2, Doom, Chips Challenge, and Sim Tower. When I'm not playing games I'm using it for IRC and Telnet.
My Dell Latitude CPi PPL has an Intel Pentium II running at 266MHz, and 64MB of RAM. I have a 128GB SD card installed using a PATA to SD Card adapter. Currently I have Windows 98 SE and MS-DOS 6.22 installed on it. The graphics are XGA and the audio is a Soundblaster Pro Compatable. I can't find the audio drivers for this laptop though. I remember it having sound as a kid, but no matter what drivers I install, nothing works. If you happen to have a fix for this, let me know. I have the original floppy drive and CD drive, with is parallel port cable.

This laptop I also recieved as a gift from my father. This was the computer his employer upgraded to from the Compaq above. They pushed another upgrade and gave him this one too. This laptop is the first computer I learned web design on using Microsoft Frontpage.

Today I use this computer for testing old software and old web stuff. I would play games on it, but I can't get the audio to work, which sucks because I used to play games on it all the time as a kid.
I saved this Dell Optiplex GX110 from the junk yard. Running an Intel Pentium III E at 866MHz with 256MB of RAM. For some reason this thing won't take 512MBs, it's really picky. I have 500GB SATA drive installed using and IDE to SATA adapter. The system is configured to multiboot using Acronis. I have MS-DOS 5.0, Windows 3.11, Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98 SE, and Windows XP Professional. I'm using a VooDoo2 card for graphics and a SoundBlaster 16 for audio. Standard 3 1/4" floppy, a DVD drive I painted to match, and a Iomega Zip 100 drive.

As picky as this computer is with what hardware I can install in it (Believe me, I've tried EVERYTHING), its a fairly robust machine. I use it for livestreaming old games and software using a VGA to USB capture device. I livestream on the WinWorldPC.com discord server. This machine is also used for web design, programming, IRC, telnet. I use this machine for a bulk of my software recovery efforts as I can easily extract the data I need from old media and dump it on a server on my network for easy archiving.
This piece of junk is the HP Mini 210-1010NR. Using the trashy Intel Atom N455 at 1.66GHz with 1GB of RAM. I don't really know why I still have this polished turd beside the fact its useful as an SSH terminal sometimes. It has a 320GB hard drive in it which I have partitioned off a 1GB chunk because I thought it'd be funny to install MS.DOS 5.0 on it, to which I did, and it works. The display is WSVGA and it uses the cheap Beats Sound System for audio.

It's an absolute turd. I used to use it as a recipe computer in my kitchen, but its so tremendously slow, it became faster to just write a recipe down. Now it sits on my shelf as a novelty and if I need a small laptop to so shell work on.

If it dies I wouldn't be sad.